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Kona Notes - Dig Me?

Monday, October 20, 2014

One for two -- This young triathlete from England knew what Dig Me meant, but had no idea in the world who Scott Tinley is.

Spotted this pair of fit guys from England at Huggo's on Friday, the night before the race. The man on the left is dad, to the right is his son, who was scheduled to race the following day. (I know, they look like bloody brothers.) I couldn't resist asking if the son knew what the term "Dig Me" meant, and to my surprise he did: "Sure, it's the beach where the race starts, isn't it?" he replied.

"Exactly," I said. "You know, I'm pretty sure my partner Scott Tinley coined that phrase back in 1981. Have you heard of Scott Tinley?"

"No," he said, breaking my nostalgic, history-loving heart. "Well, he won the Ironman here twice," I said. I turned over a coaster and scribbled on the back. "You might enjoy taking a look when you get home. And good luck tomorrow."

My journalistic skills are rusty, I admit. Had I asked the kid his name I could have checked on how he did in the race. I hope well.